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William's Reading List

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or unsure of what the next step in your journey as a business owner is – you are not alone. That’s why I’ve put together this list of my top 5 favorite books to help give you perspective, clarity, and renewed passion as a professional.

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There Cover

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

by Marshall Goldsmith

In his manual about continuous self-improvement Marshall uses four sections to outline how individuals can begin their march from where they are to the next level. He identifies 21 habits that may be stopping you in your tracks, and then provides numerous ways to overcome them.

WhiteWood’s favorite line from the book: “80 percent of our success in learning from other people, is based upon how well we listen.”

The Power of Moments Cover

The Power of Moments

by Chip & Dan Heath

Chip and Dan provide powerful facts about the successes gained from leveraging key moments in one’s life or business. They outline small case studies called “Clinics” that test your understanding of key moments and fortify those examples in the mind. Their main point is that powerful moments can be created or nurtured for one’s benefit.
WhiteWood’s favorite line:  “And that’s the charge for all of us: to defy the forgettable flatness of everyday work and life by creating a few precious moments.”
Strength to Love Cover

The Strength of Love

by Martin Luther King, Jr.

Forged from a collection of Dr. King’s papers, the book points out the power of connectedness between one-self, others, and what one believes. Learning these fundamental principles will help any leader or organization draw closer to one another and launch the development of concern for what an organization really needs.
WhiteWood’s favorite line:  “True neighborliness requires personal concern.”
It Worked For Me In Life and Leadership Cover

It Worked For Me: In Life and Leadership

by Colin Powell

General Powell recounts his life before, throughout, and after the military to deliver dozens of leadership principles that inspire personal change. His message centers around specific details that improve one’s leadership skills, their organizations, and relationships. The Powell Doctrine embraces the book and creates a leadership lab for all.
WhiteWood’s favorite line: “Even when no one else is looking, you always are. Don’t disappoint yourself.”
How to Win Friends and influence People Cover

How to Win Friends and influence People

by Dale Carnegie

This classic by Dale Carnegie was written to help leaders and followers alike get along better with others at work and in life. He describes, dissects, and prescribes over 30 suggestions to help people solve daily problems they may encounter. A frequent review of the book’s lessons adds major investments in the human resource bank.
WhiteWood’s favorite line:  “…success in dealing with people depends on a sympathetic grasp of the other person’s viewpoint.”