Podcasts: 15 minutes or less to Success!

In today’s world, many of us are on the go or spend long hours in the car. Wherever you are, if you have access to headphones or your car stereo, here are my personal favorite Podcasts for business professionals looking to level up their careers.

HBR Presents Cold Call : Oprah’s Path to Authentic Leadership

Harvard Business School professor, Bill George, expounds on a life crucible that guided Oprah to her success. She shared with him unique situations that helped her face hard realities and what she did to overcome them. We must all face our challenges head on and make the choice to overcome them. This act will guide us to success.”

WhiteWood’s favorite line: “I can be who I am…You are solely responsible for your life.”

Leadership & Business: Mike Petters – Leading the Large Organization

Mike Petters, CEO of Huntington Ingalls, discusses how he approaches leadership in a company with 35,000 employees. Mr. Petters details the importance of investing in your people, treating them like great employees, working on culture and realizing the benefits they produce. These investments will empower your personnel, which ultimately strengthens your organization.

WhiteWood’s favorite line: “Give your people every opportunity to succeed.”

Think Fast Talk Smart: Quick Thinks - All Effective Communication Must Start With This

Matt Abrahams, lecturer at Stanford Graduate School of Business, states that knowing one’s audience is of utmost concern. It is only by understanding the background, inspirations, and concerns of your audience that you can effectively communicate. One must learn about their audience before addressing them, so a reconnaissance project may be needed.

WhiteWood’s favorite line: “When it comes to communicating most of us start from the wrong place, we focus on what do I want to say rather than what does my audience need to hear.”

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