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William Matt is a certified Life Coach, business graduate (MBA, BS, and AAS), and accomplished department director, who empowers individuals and companies to achieve new heights. He has over 11 years of experience leading and developing business strategies for small and large organizations in the private and military sector.

A gifted coach and communicator in business, he believes in creating local products to facilitate the implementation of personal plans. Investing in people produces outstanding workers who create great organizations.

Born and raised in Georgia, one of the first lessons I received was the importance of respect for another human being. As I grew, this knowledge developed into the belief that every person has something to offer. You should look for the best in others and even help some see the best in themselves.

After studying business and leadership at the University of Maryland University College, I began to help others develop plans to achieve business and personal goals. I was then selected to teach Military Science at an Air Force Training school in Texas which provided the skills and experience of leading through education. This paired with my business background enabled my passion to teach and help others achieve the best in their life and business through one directed institution.

Thus Whitewood Leadership and Consulting was born.

Whitewood Mission / Vision / Values

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At Whitewood Leadership, we offer several programs to help empower you to achieve your goals.



This program offers 6 sessions (including interactive activities) that focus on: Finance Basics, Retirement, Real Estate, Commerce, Investments, and Insurance. They can help individuals and small businesses make better financial planning decisions.


Goals & Achievement

This program uses interactive exercises (Mind Movie, Intentional Dialogue) to help clients clarify their goals. Once identified these goals can be planned for and courses of action plotted out.


Enhancing Leadership

In this program the client’s leadership style is studied and discussed then it must be determined what areas of improvement they seek which they must plot the path to.


Business Development

This program helps clients identify a personal business model they would like to use utilizing the Targeting Model Form which makes things simple and understandable.


Life Coaching

This is a one-on-one program that aids clients in overcoming their barriers and empowering them to reach unperceived heights.


Mission & Vision Creation

In this program, we use a 3-event workshop to help clients build their own vision or mission statement that details their uniqueness.


Market & Brand Strategy

This program focuses on helping businesses or entrepreneurs study the market and decide the best approach to executing a focused strategy for business success.


Maximizing Mondays

This program focuses on helping organizations/individuals maximize their Monday or the work week by building on goals, exploiting new opportunities, and engaging in thoughtful interactions.


Team Enhancement

This program focuses on how organizations can make their teams better through inclusion, nurturing a creative environment and identifying needed improvement areas. Is everyone marching in the same direction toward the goal?

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